There's a Speedwagon-Sized Plot Hole in the American Horror Story Finale

American Horror Story: Cult had a couple tricks up its sleeve for the finale, all centering around how Ally has been kind of a boss b*tch since Dr. Vincent sent her to the psych ward. But some viewers may have been confused about one big act of violence she committed, so read on to find out why Ally killed an important member of the cult — but be warned of spoilers ahead.

If you’ll recall, at the end of the penultimate episode, Ally finds Speedwagon in his car, ripping off a wire, right after Kai has just choked Winter to death for supposedly betraying him to the authorities. The finale doesn’t immediately catch up with Ally and Speedwagon; rather, it shows us Kai freaking out because he can’t get ahold of one of his lieutenants. To calm him down, Ally says she has to show him something.

She shows him the wire and we get a flashback to Ally confronting Speedwagon. It turns out Speedwagon is a data processor for a hospital and when he gets busted with ecstasy, the cops make him go undercover in the “gang” to get info on dirty cop Samuels. But when they start to find out about all of Kai’s insane cult dealings, they make Speedwagon stay undercover to collect more evidence.

After confirming that no law enforcement officials are currently listening to them (because Speedwagon’s wire is a recorder only, not a transmitter), Ally knifes him in the throat — but why?

Well, at the time, it seems like Ally is simply doing her job as Kai’s right-hand woman, eliminating a threat to the cult after confirming that she cannot be implicated. But there’s more going on with Ally. We come to find out later that she has actually been working undercover as an FBI informant since her time in the psych ward. So she doesn’t kill Speedwagon to save the cult, she kills him to save her deal with the Feds.

If Speedwagon and the state police swoop in before Ally can bring the cult down with the FBI, all her work is for nothing — any immunity deal she has worked out with them is gone, plus she doesn’t get the satisfaction of being the one to bring Kai to justice. So Speedwagon has to go.

I’m also going out on a limb to say that Ally also got some sick pleasure out of stabbing one of the neo-Nazi a-holes that Kai’s been commanding, even if Speedwagon is just some data processing cog. Regardless of his former life, he got in too deep in the cult and that makes him part of the problem.

Ally also seems to derive a little pleasure out of telling Kai that he killed his sister for nothing, even though she uses that as a moment to pump him up for the “Night of 100 Tates” he has planned. She needs the Feds to catch him red-handed, so there can be no backing down now.

“You can give her death meaning. You can channel this rage. Become the leader she wanted you to be, be the man that she believed in,” Ally tells Kai. “You can finish what you both started. You carry out your plan tomorrow night and you smack this country out of its dessicated stupor and build the world you wanted for her. For all of us.”

But in the end, it’s Ally who is building a better world . . . maybe.

PS: We’ve seen some fans wonder about who took credit for Speedwagon’s death, since Beverly tells Ally that Kai took credit for every death except Ivy’s. Our theory is that either a discussion about Speedwagon’s fate between Kai and Ally was in the script and then cut for time, or it’s a plot hole. It really seems weird that after Kai freaks out over killing Winter for no reason that he wouldn’t think to ask Ally what happened to Speedwagon. She then could have just been honest with him, later denying it to the Feds? Or perhaps that would fall under her immunity deal. We just don’t know enough about Ally’s arrangement with the FBI to say for sure, but that definitely feels like a small plot hole.

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