New Organic Skin Care Line for Pregnant Women – Bionée

BionéeBionée, an organic skin care company founded in 2010, has developed a line of skin care products specifically formulated for pregnant women, women taking care of their babies, and babies.

Bionée’s line of eight products are divided into three categories: pregnancy (includes acne and anti-stretch mark lotion), motherhood (includes a body toning lotion and nipple soothing remedy), and baby (includes protective body lotion and cleanser).

Bionée founder, Eva Asmar, started the company in France after the birth of her child, and now operates out of New York. Before starting Bionée, Asmar was a product manager at The Body Shop, as well as marketing for brands such as L’Oréal, Lancôme, and Yves Rocher.

Certified Organic & Safe for Pregnancy

Asmar stresses the importance of ingredient quality and natural origin when creating products for pregnant women and children.  Bionée products are certified organic by Ecocert, a French based personal care product certification agency. Additionally, the products have received an official safety statement for pregnancy and baby.

The maternity skin care products are based on safety and efficiency, while supporting fair trade and the environment. According to Asmar, Bionée products contain 82% organic ingredients, and are just shy of 100% natural.

Bionée’s cosmetics products have been tested for non-mutagenicity and reprotoxicity in order to claim ‘suitable for newborns’ and ‘safe for pregnancy.’  None of their ingredients contain links to birth defects.

According to Asmar, the current organic pregnancy skin care market is rather small, with only a few large brands operating in the market segment. Asmar believes that Bionée’s target market is a $700 million to $1 billion segment that sells natural products in the U.S.

Bionée  plans to sell products through direct distribution by recruiting mothers who like the product and want to sell it. By utilizing a direct marketing strategy, Bionée products will be available worldwide and sold online.

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