Natural Products Association Certifies 700th Natural Product

npa natural personal care product sealThe Natural Products Association (NPA) announced that it has certified its 700th product/ingredient under its Natural Seal program. The NPA was founded in 2008 to provide natural certification of personal care products sold in the United States.

The NPA’s natural standard for personal care products covers both products and ingredients. Last year, NPA launched the Natural Standard for Home Care products whereby it also provides natural certification to household products, such as cleaning supplies.

The Natural Products Seal program aims to help consumers identify what products are truly natural. All products labeled with the NPA Natural Seal logo have met strict ingredient and processing requirements.

According to NPA, 63 companies have certified a total of 472 products and 233 ingredients. Products bearing the Natural Seal can be found in 85,000 stores across the U.S.

“In just over three years, NPA has certified more than 700 products and ingredients under the NPA Natural Seal, helping consumers across the nation find natural products at their favorite stores,” said John Gay, NPA executive director and CEO. “Both large and small businesses have earned the coveted Natural Seal.”

In order to be certified natural by NPA, products and ingredients must be audited and verified by an independent third party in accordance with the Natural Seal standards. One such requirement set by the Natural Seal program is all ingredients used must come from a source found in nature and processed within the list of allowed processes. Furthermore, certified products must list all ingredients on the package label, and personal care fragrances must be 100 percent natural.

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